For those who are totally committed to achieving change, one-to-one and small group personal training in Clapham, Wandsworth and Balham with Neal is the answer. To get long lasting results one must look at several aspects to their lifestyle. Sure, you can start making inroads to your health and fitness goals by exercising regularly and moving more, but to achieve change it takes awareness.

What’s your start point?

Where do you want to go?

What’s holding you back?

How do you overcome those things that are holding you back?

A trainer should be like a third eye, – so the workouts I will design with your specific goals, fitness level and strengths in mind will push you to your limit. Giving you an easy ride is not going to give you the results you are looking for.

However, I also know that sticking to a personal training regime – or to any exercise routine – is much harder if you don’t enjoy the workout. I make the routines fun and highly rewarding to keep you motivated as you progress. Regular assessments will track your progress and avoid any plateaus in your progress.

I will use a mixture of equipment and techniques – including Kettlebells, calisthenics (using your own bodyweight) and boxing – to keep your workouts effective and varied. If you are interested in running, as a POSE qualified running coach I can also help you learn and improve your running technique for maximum results.

Small Group Personal Training is a good way to reduce the cost of hiring a trainer, but more importantly it will mean I can sculpt your workout with the groups specific needs in mind. I will build your confidence, motivate you and inspire you to realise your true potential.

If you’ve got a history of signing up for gym memberships then never showing up, then personal training could be just what you need. Finding an excuse not to exercise will suddenly become much harder when you know that you will not only have your own conscience to answer to, but me as well!

You will already know that one of the keys to weight loss is to eat right – but how much thought do you really give to the nutritional value of the ‘diet’ foods you eat? Without the correct nutrition, you will not be healthy or have the energy to do the most effective workout, and you will not be giving your body what it needs to make change happen long term.

I am a nutritional expert and, as your personal trainer, I will advise you about how to eat right to achieve your goals and improve your performance.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible packages to suit all levels of training, get in touch to find out more.